Monday, 4 April 2011

It Didn't Work Out

A few months ago I decided to have a go at buying retro gaming goods and selling them online via eBay, under the name of RetroGemsUK, in order to explore the prospect of becoming self-employed doing a similar thing. Presently, I have decided that, with regards to my current employment situation, that it's not feasible for me to make any serious money out of online dealings and that it is better suited to being a side-project of my current hobby; that being retro gaming.

The problem was that items I didn't think would sell, sold, and items I was positive would sell, didn't. This unpredictability, added to the online competition and the small amount of profit actually made off any one item, means that I would have to buy larger quantities of goods to sell and have them constantly relisted on eBay to make anything of it.

In the end I sold about a quarter of the items I originally bought and made a little under half of what I originally spent; this shows that there is money to be made, but more time, patience and initial start up costs are required, and I really don't have money to play with at this moment in time.

My decision to end things now has resulted in myself being in the possession of many items I never intended to own. Some of these items I will keep for now an try and sell at a later date, but the majority I want to shift out of my room ASAP, therefore I've put them all on eBay at very low prices i.e. 99p-£2.99.

If you want to pick up a few bargains, then please check out the items I'm selling and hopefully you can take some of this stuff of my hands! I'll be keeping this blog up for now to let people know when I'm selling off the rest of the items I no longer want, so check back from time to time.

Thanks to all of you who bought items off me. The items that did sell were of good quality and I hope you enjoy them all.

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